Annual Log Contents

2000 Toxic gas release Cameroon; coastal features and past tsunamis.

2001 Lake Nyos, Cameroon.

2002 Predicting volcanic eruptions; giant landslips; earthquake prediction; arsenic in Bangladesh, court case; seismic bathymetry.

2003 Lake Nyos, Cameroon; volcanic hazard assessment; mining contamination; seismic prediction, radon emissions; arsenic in groundwater; copper contamination, dementia; remote sensing, disasters.

2004 Arsenic in Bangladesh; fluorosis, Iceland; arsenic, bacterial decontamination; groundwater redox.

2005 Indian Ocean tsunami; arsenic crisis; San Andreas Fault; Indonesian earthquake risk; earthquake forecasting; Atlantis legend and reality; fluorosis in Iceland.

2006 Arsenic in Bangladesh; nuclear waste disposal; 1906 San Francisco earthquake; strain build-up on faults; supervolcanoes; Mediterranean tsunamis.

2007 Animal sensing of seismicity; signs of ancient tsunamis; seismic risk, Bay of Bengal.

2008 Cloud formations associated with earthquake; frequency of tsunamis; Sichuan earthquake; Tunguska event; Spaceguard survey; predicting arsenic contamination; Javan mud volcano; signs of ancient tsunamis.

2009 Arsenic in Cambodia; Sichuan earthquake; asbestos hazard; nuclear waste disposal; methane discharge risk; Lake Kivu; sudden rhyolite eruptions; Sichuan earthquake, interferometric radar.

2010 US mid-continent seismicity; 2010 disaster review; Eyjafjallajökull ash cloud; details of a landslip.

2011 Gas hydrate methane release; earthquake prediction, interferometric radar; Sendai earthquake and tsunami; signs of ancient tsunamis; seismic record in sea-floor cores; ‘fracking’ hazards; arsenic update.

2012 US mid-continent seismicity; hazards of carbon capture and storage; landslides; L’ Aquila earthquake trial; gas hydrate release; modelling impacts.

2013 ‘Fracking’ and earthquakes; great-earthquake statistics and turbidites; arsenic updates, Tohoku-Sendai earthquake mechanism.

2014 Supervolcanoes; Lake Toba caldera; earthquake risk.

2015 US Earthquake risk; Campi Flegrei magma inflation, natural pozzolano restraint; Sumatran plate boundary seismicity.

2016 Gorkha earthquake 2015; Great flood of China 1920 BCE.

2017 Pakistan arsenic hazard; large-earthquake cycles.

2018 Mt Etna; landslides; Justinian Plague and volcanism.

2019 Changing gravity during earthquakes; ecological hazards of ocean-floor mining; fracking the UK; ‘Anthropocene’ sedimentary record; climatic ‘tipping points’; death by meteorite strike.


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