2000 Toxic gas release Cameroon; coastal features and past tsunamis.

2001 Lake Nyos, Cameroon.

2002 Predicting volcanic eruptions; giant landslips; earthquake prediction; arsenic in Bangladesh, court case; seismic bathymetry.

2003 Lake Nyos, Cameroon; volcanic hazard assessment; mining contamination; seismic prediction, radon emissions; arsenic in groundwater; copper contamination, dementia; remote sensing, disasters.

2004 Arsenic in Bangladesh; fluorosis, Iceland; arsenic, bacterial decontamination; groundwater redox.

2005 Indian Ocean tsunami; arsenic crisis; San Andreas Fault; Indonesian earthquake risk; earthquake forecasting; Atlantis legend and reality; fluorosis in Iceland.

2006 Arsenic in Bangladesh; nuclear waste disposal; 1906 San Francisco earthquake; strain build-up on faults; supervolcanoes; Mediterranean tsunamis.

2007 Animal sensing of seismicity; signs of ancient tsunamis; seismic risk, Bay of Bengal.

2008 Cloud formations associated with earthquake; frequency of tsunamis; Sichuan earthquake; Tunguska event; Spaceguard survey; predicting arsenic contamination; Javan mud volcano; signs of ancient tsunamis.

2009 Arsenic in Cambodia; Sichuan earthquake; asbestos hazard; nuclear waste disposal; methane discharge risk; Lake Kivu; sudden rhyolite eruptions; Sichuan earthquake, interferometric radar.

2010 US mid-continent seismicity; 2010 disaster review; Eyjafjallajökull ash cloud; details of a landslip.

2011 Gas hydrate methane release; earthquake prediction, interferometric radar; Sendai earthquake and tsunami; signs of ancient tsunamis; seismic record in sea-floor cores; ‘fracking’ hazards; arsenic update.

2012 US mid-continent seismicity; hazards of carbon capture and storage; landslides; L’ Aquila earthquake trial; gas hydrate release; modelling impacts.

2013 ‘Fracking’ and earthquakes; great-earthquake statistics and turbidites; arsenic updates, Tohoku-Sendai earthquake mechanism.

2014 Supervolcanoes; Lake Toba caldera; earthquake risk.

2015 US Earthquake risk; Campi Flegrei magma inflation, natural pozzolano restraint; Sumatran plate boundary seismicity.

2016 Gorkha earthquake 2015; Great flood of China 1920 BCE.

2017 Pakistan arsenic hazard; large-earthquake cycles.

2018 Mt Etna; landslides; Justinian Plague and volcanism.

2020 Lake Kivu, Rwanda, methane hazard, limnic eruption. Global arsenic hazard. Alaska’s Okmok volcano eruption in 43 BCE, effects on end of Roman Republic, death of Julius Caesar, famine. East African Rifts, submarine landslides, tsunami hazard. Mud flows. Anthropocene, Event rather than Epoch. Sodom and Gomorrah destruction, Bronze Age, meteorite airburst evidence and controversy. Human effects on surface processes, soil erosion. Doggerland, Storegga tsunami, NW European Mesolithic people. Thawing permafrost, methane release, solifluction, arsenic release.

2021 Assessing the risk of tsunamis along the East African coast. Hazards from rolling boulders. Proposal that Anthropocene be recognised as a stratigraphic Event rather than a new Epoch. Theory that Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed by a Bronze Age cosmic air burst, doubts cast on credibility.


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