Remote Sensing

Annual log contents – click on year to download PDF

2001 Mapping with geophysical data; interferometric radar and faults.

2002 Gravity surveys from orbit; GRACE.

2003 Ground-penetrating radar images.

2005 3-D seismic imaging.

2006 Google Earth and geology; mineral mapping (Mars); mapping palaeosols; ASTER data and disasters.

2007 Remote sensing of Martian geology; Ice-age mass deficit from GRACE data.

2008 Desert varnish.

2013 On-line geological maps;

2014 Remote sensing for fossil beds; bathymetry and gravity maps of oceans.

2017 Developments in geological remote sensing.

2018 TanDEM elevation data

2020 Climate change reduces albedo of Earth, from brightness (Earthshine) of Moon’s unlit surface