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2002 Erosion rates; estimating uplift.

2003 Patterned ground; catastrophic floods; debris flows; cosmogenic nuclides; tropical erosion; wildfires and thermochronology.

2004 Mountain erosion, tectonics and climate; Australian surface age; structural control of incision; cave evolution and ‘snoticles’; formation of gorges in tectonically inactive areas; Black Sea flooding event; Tibetan catastrophic erosion.

2005 Erosion and plate tectonics; Himalaya.

2006 Erosion and living processes; formation of the Amazon system; testing uplift hypotheses; climate and mountain uplift, weathering and ‘weather’; frost shattering.

2007 Separation of Britain from Europe, catastrophic flooding; Arctic deltas, glacial isostasy.

2008 Stream meanders, siltation of mill dams; glaciers inhibit Tibetan river incision.

2009 Controls of sand dune formation.

2010 Catastrophic canyon formation; crayfish threat to British landscape.

2011 Wind erosion; formation of yardangs; pre-collision peneplanation of Tibetan Plateau.

2012 Beavers’ effect on flood plain sedimentation; plant colonisation of land changed erosion and sedimentation; age of Grand Canyon.

2013 Dating perched glacial erratics; limestone pavement formation; Greenland sub-glacial canyon; megafloods in Himalaya.

2015 Tectonic effects on landscape formation; megafloods in Iceland.

2016 Channelled scablands; glacial outburst floods; last ice-free Greenland, cosmogenic isotopes.

2018 Fish and erosion; evolution of Nile.

2019 Tectonics and surface processes in the Proterozoic Era.

2020 Height of mountains, epeirogeny, isostasy, climate change.

2021 Formation of sugar-loaf hills and inselbergs may have involved spallation of outcropping rock by repeated wildfires.