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2000 Constructive margins; 3-D Seismic survey; mantle plumes; Paraná-Etendeka flood basalts.

2002 Siberian Traps; LIPs and sea level changes; continental thermal ‘lids’; mantle heterogeneity; Re-Os isotopes.

2004 Geochemistry; partial melting; seismic detection of crustal melting.

2005 Andesites; hot-spot magmatism.

2006 Magma movement; partial melting.

2007 Origin of I-type granites; isotope geochemistry; continent episodic evolution; helium isotopes; recycled continental crust; non-plume model for flood basalts.

2008 Deccan Traps, gas emission.

2010 LIPs; Paraná-Etendeka; environmental effects, lead isotopes.

2011 Magma differentiation; mantle redox state.

2012 Thera eruption; Minoan civilisation collapse; zoned phenocrysts; magma recharge.

2015 Layered intrusions; Bushveldt Complex; geochemistry review.

2017 Mantle metasomatism.

2018 Impact debris at base of Skye flood basalts

2020 End-Permian mass extinction, Siberian Traps, coal burning. End-Triassic mass extinction, Central Atlantic Magmatic Province (CAMP), Brazil, sills, methane release. Kerguelen Plateau, Lower Cretaceous, oceanic large igneous province, Southeast Indian Ridge

2021 Thin, weak Archaean lithosphere allowed early granitic material to be recycled into mantle, there delaying continent formation. Mafic igneous intrusions in large igneous province implicated in global warming that caused end-Triassic mass extinction.