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2000 Constructive margins; 3-D Seismic survey; mantle plumes; Paraná-Etendeka flood basalts.

2002 Siberian Traps; LIPs and sea level changes; continental thermal ‘lids’; mantle heterogeneity; Re-Os isotopes.

2004 Geochemistry; partial melting; seismic detection of crustal melting.

2005 Andesites; hot-spot magmatism.

2006 Magma movement; partial melting.

2007 Origin of I-type granites; isotope geochemistry; continent episodic evolution; helium isotopes; recycled continental crust; non-plume model for flood basalts.

2008 Deccan Traps, gas emission.

2010 LIPs; Paraná-Etendeka; environmental effects, lead isotopes.

2011 Magma differentiation; mantle redox state.

2012 Thera eruption; Minoan civilisation collapse; zoned phenocrysts; magma recharge.

2015 Layered intrusions; Bushveldt Complex; geochemistry review.

2017 Mantle metasomatism.

2018 Impact debris at base of Skye flood basalts