Sedimentology and stratigraphy

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2000 Formation of mudstones; Neoproterozoic – isotope geochemistry and sedimentary environments.

2001 Biofilms and dolomites.

2002 Ocean anoxia and black shales; biofilms and BIFs; Phanerozoic seawater chemistry; deep carbon cycle.

2003  Biofilms and BIFs; marine strontium record and tectonics; silica in BIFs; Messinian salinity crisis; recalibrating stratigraphy.

2004 Cretaceous polar ice sheets; bacterial action in sediments; chemostratigraphy of Dalradian sediments; molybdenum isotopes and anoxia; geomagnetic reversals; sea level and sulfur cycle; recalibrating stratigraphy; GSSPs; sulfidic ocean; Devonian-Carboniferous boundary; Palaeoproterozoic lunar cycle.

2005 Human influences on erosion and sedimentation; status of Quaternary; biofilms and BIFs; Phanerozoioc sea-level record; volcanism and sea level.

2006 Clays and oxygen levels; Great Oxidation Event.

2007 Carbon-isotope excursion; Lomagundi-Jatuli event; Great Oxidation Event; sulfur isotopes and early life;

2008 Energy of mud deposition; mantle recycling of sediment; radiometric dating recalibration; BIF deposition and photoferrotrophs; biofilms; Palaeozoic sea-level record.

2009 Status of Quaternary; Messinian salinity crisis; biofilms and BIFs.

2010 Zanclean flood; Sudbury impact halted BIFs; zircon dating volcanic ash; ‘micro-stratigraphy’.

2012 Great Oxidation Event.

2014 U-Pb dating ammonites.

2015 Dating sedimentation of Cuddapah Basin; detrital zircon dating.

2016 Atmosphere composition from evaporites.

2017 Great Oxidation Event; BIFs.

2018 Cambrian unconformity; calibrating radiocarbon dating.

2019 Erosion and tectonics; Scottish Precambrian impact deposits; Precambrian petroleum migration; evidence from Snowball Earth sedimentary rocks.

2020 Mud and mudrocks. Archaean atmospheric oxygen suppressed by multiple impacts, Great Oxygenation Event.

2021 Permo-Triassic mass extinction, climate warming, silicate weathering, reduced SiO2 take-up by diatoms and radiolarian, marine clay mineral formation released C02