Physical Resources

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2000 Fossil-fuel reserves; waning fresh-water supplies; mining an active volcano; bacterial activity and ore formation.

2002 Identifying ‘conflict diamonds’;  petroleum exploration using ‘microleptons’; kimberlite exploration using microgravity.

2003 Resources and Congo conflict; environmental effects of dams; removing iron from drinking water; challenges of the petroleum industry; sediment bleaching by hydrocarbons; globalisation of water resources.

2004 Gas hydrate resources; abiotic formation of hydrocarbons; Fischer-Tropsch process; ‘Peak Oil’; hydrothermal gold mineralisation; creating artificial islands.

2005 Reducing carbon emissions; globalisation and water resources; petroleum migration; dating hydrocarbon deposits; Precambrian petroleum generation; mineralising fluids; deep-sea mining.

2006 Biomineralisation and gold nuggets; hydrothermal gold mineralisation.

2007 Carbon sequestration and storage; limits to growth; deep-sea mining.

2008 Abiotic formation of hydrocarbons; Fischer-Tropsch process.

2009 Groundwater depletion; GRACE satellite; gas hydrates.

2010 Shale gas; fracking; porphyry ore deposits; Chilean mine rescue.

2011 Economics of coal mining; hydrothermal gold mineralisation; deep-sea mining; UK fracking.

2012 African groundwater supplies.

2013 UK fracking; porphyry ore formation; global groundwater depth patterns; mining history; waster natural gas; manganese nodule mining; fracking review; hydrothermal vents and electricity generation; offshore groundwater resources.

2014 UK fracking; groundwater depletion; GRACE satellite.

2015 Banded iron formation origins.

2016 European fracking; global water resources.

2018 Ocean-floor resources

2019 Ocean-floor resources; UK shale gas and fracking; Precambrian petroleum migration; ‘Anthropocene’ sediments and future ‘resources’.

2020 Muds, bacterial nanowires, petroleum source rocks, metal resources, hazards

2021 Gravity measurements chart massive depletion in groundwater beneath India and Pakistan.