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2000 Quality of the fossil record; biological recovery from mass extinctions;  fossil moths; end-Triassic extinction; giant fossil duck; end-Cretaceous marks last dinosaurs; Triassic feathers; UV and mass extinction; Cretaceous beetles; Triassic-Jurassic boundary flood basalts; severity of extinction events; carbon isotopes of fossils; origin of photosynthesis; stromatolites; land plant extinction at P-Tr; T. rex sale; endosymbiosis and the Archaea; bacteria in salt crystals; surviving Late Heavy Bombardment.

2001 Chinese fossils; dinosaur news; early ecosystems; Pleistocene extinctions; fullerenes at P-Tr boundary; bacterial sulfide formation; forged fossils; emergence of modern corals; bacteria in salt crystals; chance and survival of early life; dinoflagellate blooms; P-T mass extinction; diversity changes over time; biofilms and UV protection; Cambrian lagerstätte; early deuterostome; ‘Big 5’ mass extinctions

2002 Land vertebrates and P-T mass extinction; Madagascar fossils; hydrogen-based ecosystem; redox and bacterial metabolism; mass extinctions and fullerenes; dinosaur news; extremophiles; earliest animals; sampling bias and extinctions; earliest bacterial fossils; Tr-J extinctions; CAMP igneous activity; ‘geogenomics’; iron-phosphorus balance; Great Oxidation Event; Mesoproterozoic life; Malnourished Earth hypothesis; Snowball Earth; isotopic evidence for early life; conodonts; late-Devonian extinction; land plants at P-T boundary; early colonisation of land; mitochondria; Cambrian explosion.

2003 Chemical conditions for life; early-Cretaceous lagerstätte in China; origin of life; fossil squirrels; P-T mass extinction; Snowball Earth biodiversity; end-Precambrian mass extinction; mid-Devonian impact; quality of the fossil record; origin of vertebrates; iron and nickel and origin of life; K-T boundary; gamma-ray bursts; late-Ordovician extinction; fossil oddities; early Archaean hydrothermal fluids; Permian oxygen depletion; Precambrian biomarkers; fossil food cache; extinction selectivity.

2004 Fossil embryos; Archaean biomarkers; endogenic mass extinction; Verneshot hypothesis; end-Permian crater; C isotopes and P-T extinction; calcium and Cambrian Explosion; ancestral animal; bilaterian fossils; last mammoth; P-T extinction and Siberian Traps; origin of life; CAMP igneous province and Tr-J extinction; iron isotopes and Archaean life; end-Permian soil erosion.

2005 End-Permian crater; Mesozoic predator; Neoproterozoic Doushantuo lagerstätte; early Archaean life; evolutionary rhythms; P-Tr extinction; ocean anoxia; early lichens; bacteria in Permian salt crystals; origin of life; H2S and extinctions; atmospheric oxygen; mammalian evolution; Palaeocene-Eocene boundary event; dinosaur coprolites; clays and origin of life; .

2006 Post-extinction recovery; Cambrian Explosion; Gaia Hypothesis; methanogens and Archaean climate; fish-tetrapod link; Precambrian biomarkers; Great Oxygenation Event; fossil embryos; dwarf sauropods; echinoderm genomes; Ediacaran fauna; Jurassic gliding mammal.

2007 Fossil embryos; carbonate biofilms; early tetrapod robot; fossil proteins; Ediacaran fauna; sea anemone genome; trilobite evolution; early Archaean life.

2008 Beetle evolution; mammalian evolution; unique fossil shark’s stomach contents; fossil bat; impacts and evolutionary acceleration; dinosaur proteomics; Cambrian Explosion; creationism; genome of the platypus; K-T global wildfires; armoured fishes; origin of life; Ediacaran ocean chemistry; Ordovician diversification; P-Tr extinction; ocean chemistry; evolution of plants; Cambrian arthropod; earliest photosynthesis.

2009 Dinosaur brooding; LUCA; terrestrial bacteria; Pleistocene extinctions and impact; Archaean nitrogen cycle; fossil giant snake; Snowball Earth; origin of bilaterian animals; Great Ordovician Diversification; impact formation of organic compounds; the ancestral animal; origin of RuBisCO; grazing dinosaur; mantle link with biosphere; Hadean conditions;  Ordovician trilobite behaviour; Neoproterozoic terrestrial biomass; origin of life; end-Permian ammonites.

2010 Megafauna extinction; early tetrapod; Ediacaran fauna; Archaean bacterial fossils; feathered dinosaur; K-Pg extinction; earliest multicelled life; Moroccan lagerstätte; DNA replication; marine biodiversity record; comets and organic compounds; Snowball Earth; phosphorus cycle.

2011 Oxygen and evolutionary radiation; dinosaur blood; ammonite feeding; P-Tr extinction and coal fires; Ediacaran fauna; Cenozoic megafaunas; stromatolites; polar dinosaurs; earliest terrestrial eukaryotes; Cambrian burrowers; giant sauropods; Archaeopteryx, hydrothermal-vent redox gradients.

2012 Fossil embryos; Late Devonian mass extinction; fossil fleas; early horses; feathered dinosaur; Australian megafaunas and humans; evolutionary arms race; bilaterian burrowers; Snowball Earth; Ediacaran fauna.

2013 K-Pg extinction; origin of photosynthesis; Tr-J extinction and CAMP; Cave bear genomics; volcanic aerosol transport of organisms;

2014 Cambrian colonisation of land; plate tectonics and Cambrian Explosion; Snowball Earth; dark matter and dinosaurs; fossil squirrel; extinction and magnetic reversals; late-Ordovician extinction; nickel and P-Tr extinction; extinctions and volcanism; oxygen in Archaean oceans; stromatolites.

2015 Verneshot hypothesis; Brontosaurus; Hallucigenia; Pleistocene extinctions; Deccan Traps and impact.

2016 Ediacaran fauna; Tully Monster; early Archaean stromatolites; Chicxulub impact.

2017 Origin of deuterostomes; feathered dinosaurs; Archaean hydrothermal vents; late-Ordovician extinction; eukaryote origins.

2018 Hadean fertile for life; dinosaur trackway on Skye; ankylosaur bloat and float’ preservation; oceanic hydrothermal vents and origin of life; furry pterosaurs.

2019 Late planetary accretion and the origin of life; 2 billion year-old metazoan; end-Permian mass extinction and land plants; K-Pg event and dating of the Deccan Traps; Cambrian Explosion; fossils of animals killed at K-Pg event; iron and the origin of life; geochemical conditions for the Ediacaran fauna; dinosaur nesting colony; Chicxulub impact; faunal recovery after K-Pg event; sugars in primitive meteorites; faunal recovery after end-Permian extinction; surviving Snowball Earth events.