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2000 Snowball Earth; Milankovich forcing; millennial climate change; methane hydrate; clathrate ‘bomb’; silica micronutrient; Palaeocene-Eocene warming; climate cycles; Vostok ice core; iron and phytoplankton blooms.

2001 End-Archaean mantle overturn; Great Oxygenation Event; sulfur isotopes; onset North Atlantic Deep Water; thermohaline circulation; environmental change Africa; Phanerozoic CO2 levels, Snowball Earth and methane; plant respiration and CO2; animals and climate; photosynthesis and carbonate biofilms; strontium isotopes; continental weathering; stalactite records; Holocene climate.

2002 Snowball Earth; thermohaline circulation; Cretaceous hothouse; glacial outburst floods; Hadean climate; future climate; Archaean carbon cycle; sea level and climate; Palaeocene-Eocene warming; Alaskan methane burst; African ice core; Triassic weathering; gas hydrates.

2003 Antarctic ice cap initiation; Tibetan uplift; Proterozoic warming by methane; Eocene El Niño; North-South teleconnection; Bølling-Allerød; glacial refugia; gas hydrate ‘gun’; Red Sea sea-level record; climate triggers reviewed; iron isotopes; ocean evolution; high- and low-latitude climate change; teleconnections; Phanerozoic cosmic-ray flux and climate variation; Precambrian CO2 levels; geochemistry and Snowball conditions; continental weathering.

2004 Methane releases; continental margin collapse; super-eruptions; Toba; continental weathering; osmium isotopes; end-Palaeocene warming; Snowball Earth; wildfires and oxygen; Vostok ice core; early Earth’s climate; tufa and rainfall records; last interglacial (Eemian); Rodinia breakup; detrital zircon dating; Cretaceous Arctic climate.

2005 Snowball Earth; Northern Hemisphere glacial initiation; early agriculture and Holocene warming; glacial cycles; Milankovich forcing; ocean circulation; metamorphism of coal; Younger Dryas; ocean acidification; greenhouse-icehouse transition; end-Permian extinction; methane release; Snowball photosynthesis; EPICA Dome C ice core.

2006 Early civilisation collapse; Snowball Earth; Younger Dryas; meltwater flood; Pliocene climate; EPICA Dome C ice core; Precambrian ocean temperature; teleconnections.

2007 Mummified penguins; early Greenland icecap; Palaeocene-Eocene warming; Younger Dryas; extraterrestrial impact; Neoproterozoic glacial cycles.

2008 ‘Slushball’ Earth; organic carbon burial; Cretaceous glaciation; glacial outburst flood; Younger Dryas; EPICA Dome C ice core; Saharan ecosystem evolution; East African Pleistocene climate change; bat guano isotope record.

2009 Carbon sequestration; Snowball Earth; magnetic field and rainfall; Younger Dryas; Eocene-Oligocene climate change; carbon capture and storage; climate modelling; icecap changes; GRACE gravity data; marine boron isotopes; 8.2 ka cooling event.

2010 post-Miocene climate change; Archaean climate; climate and geomagnetic field reversals; sea level changes; Younger Dryas; glacial outburst flood; Snowball Earth; glacial terminations; continental weathering; Holocene sea-level record; teleconnections.

2011 Cambrian climate; Atlantic thermohaline circulation; cap carbonates; dust records.

2012 Precambrian carbon cycle; Great Oxidation Event; galactic controls over climate; dust records.

2013 Volcanic aerosols; Permian climate; Lake El’gygytgyn climate record; Milankovich forcing; earliest glacial epochs; Devonian forest fires.

2014 Younger Dryas; Gulf Stream shutdown; carbon sequestration and ants.

2015 Ancient vegetation canopies; sea-floor spreading and glacial cycles; Snowball Earth; coral and global warming; core-climate link; Paris Agreement.

2016 Global warming staves off glaciation; Tibetan ice core; Arctic Ocean ice shelves; atmosphere samples from Neoproterozoic halite; carbon capture and storage; end-Palaeocene impact.

2017 Phanerozoic atmospheric CO2 record; glacial refugia; Milankovich forcing; gas hydrates; K-T boundary wildfires; volcanism and sea level; K-T boundary winter.

2018 Snowball Earth followed by sea level rise; Late Palaeozoic glacial landforms in Chad; tectonics and Snowball Earth; Great Barrier Reef records Last Glacial Maximum; Greenland impact and Younger Dryas.

2019 100 ka glacial cycles after the mid-Pleistocene; Tectonics and glacial epochs; Younger Dryas impact theory; soluble iron and climate; Ediacaran glaciated surface; Ordovician glaciation and impacts; Palaeocene-Eocene thermal maximum; Younger Dryas causal mechanisms; 400ka melting of Greenland ice sheet; climatic tipping points and sudden change; surviving Snowball Earth.