Miscellaneous Commentary

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2001 The scientific method, Karl Popper; 2001 roundup.

2002 Scientific skulduggery; annexation of scholarly credit; citations; Gaia; 2002 roundup.

2003 Reviews: The Lunar Men, The Dinosaur Hunters; intellectual property.

2004 Hubris and planetary exploration; job prospects; Indian Ocean tsunami.

2006 Anonymous referees; intellectual property

2008 Plagiarism.

2010 Academic sabotage; Multi-author publication and actual contribution.

2011 Geological time; Anthropocene.

2012 Research misconduct; geological time; value of publishing – impact factors and citations.

2013 Geoscience education; field work, Open University; creationism; geology and ancient cultures.

2014 Field work; geological education; Lunar Mission 1.

2015 Bicentenary of William Smith’s map; Anthropocene; research misconduct, continental drift centenary; Open University; decline of ground-breaking publications; Thomas Kuhn.

2016 Impact factors; feminism in geosciences; definition of species challenged; defend Hans Thybo; Open University; Sci-Hub.

2017 Review of Cataclysms; field studies – importance; Open University.

2019 Failures of MOOCs (massive open online courses); worrying about death by meteorite.