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2000 Flat subduction; seismic tomography; Tibetan Plateau; UHP metamorphism; slab detachment.

2001 Continental roots – tectosphere; microcontinents; strength of cratons; Tibetan Plateau; Pan African; fate of slabs; eastern Eurasian crust.

2002 Archaean tectonics; delamination; strike-slip/transform tectonics; Pan African; seismic tomography; mantle motions; serpentine lubrication; superplumes; metamorphism and earthquakes; continental roots – tectosphere; slab detachment; slab pull; subduction suction; continental insulation; hotspot tracks; orphan terranes; mantle recycling.

2003 Archaean tectonics; mantled gneiss domes; hydrothermal systems; mantle plumes; seismic tomography; Rodinia; detrital zircon geochronology; lithosphere strength; hot spots; mountain growth; alternative views.

2004 Crustal motions; Tibetan Plateau; large igneous provinces; Rodinia; plastic deformation; delamination; ophiolites.

2005 British mantle; seismic tomography; Richat structure; slab fluids.

2006 Tibetan uplift; folded lithosphere relics; mantle plumes; continental spreading; dyke emplacement; Microbial alteration of oceanic crust; isotope geochemistry.

2007 Asthenosphere strength; ophiolites; supercontinents; Indian drift;.

2008 Pacific Plate; intermittent plate tectonics; delamination; seismic tomography North America; Tethys Ocean; Tibetan Plateau.

2009 Sheeted dykes; tectonic reconstructions; Rheic Ocean; Archaean hypsometry; continental insulation; asthenosphere; ocean island chains; Hadean continental crust; seismic tomography; USArray.

2010 Blueschists; Hawaiian plume; Archaean tectonics; Archaean impacts;  Rodinia; faunal rafting; ocean floor depth-age relationship; crustal sagging; Mediterranean tectonics; extensional detachments; plate-tectonic theory; continental lithosphere strength.

2011 Dating metamorphism; subducted continental crust; eclogite; tectonic bulges; future Atlantic subduction; mantle plumes; flood basalt genesis; diamonds and mantle evolution; mantle carbon cycle; Pan African.

2012 Continental growth; detrital zircon geochronology; Iapetus Ocean; brittle-ductile deformation; eclogites; Sunda Trench seismicity; real and apparent polar wandering.

2013 Terrane accretion; seismic tomography North America; Earthscope USArray; continental insulation; mantle strength; Afar Depression; Pan African.

2014 Water cycle and subduction; Basin and Range tectonics.

2015 Red Sea Rift volcanism; thick- and thin-skinned tectonics; mantle plumes; hot spots; seismic tomography.

2016 Plate tectonics start; future plate tectonics; Mediterranean tectonics.

2017 Drip tectonics; continent formation; Archaean continental growth; Hadean crust; Zealandia continent; subducted slab remnants; continental recycling; Hadean impacts and tectonics; lid tectonics.

2018 Initiation of subduction; sub-glacial hot-spot track Greenland

2019 Tectonics and glacial epochs; erosion and tectonics; metamorphism and tectonic evolution; modelling global plate forces.