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2000 Flat subduction; seismic tomography; Tibetan Plateau; UHP metamorphism; slab detachment.

2001 Continental roots – tectosphere; microcontinents; strength of cratons; Tibetan Plateau; Pan African; fate of slabs; eastern Eurasian crust.

2002 Archaean tectonics; delamination; strike-slip/transform tectonics; Pan African; seismic tomography; mantle motions; serpentine lubrication; superplumes; metamorphism and earthquakes; continental roots – tectosphere; slab detachment; slab pull; subduction suction; continental insulation; hotspot tracks; orphan terranes; mantle recycling.

2003 Archaean tectonics; mantled gneiss domes; hydrothermal systems; mantle plumes; seismic tomography; Rodinia; detrital zircon geochronology; lithosphere strength; hot spots; mountain growth; alternative views.

2004 Crustal motions; Tibetan Plateau; large igneous provinces; Rodinia; plastic deformation; delamination; ophiolites.

2005 British mantle; seismic tomography; Richat structure; slab fluids.

2006 Tibetan uplift; folded lithosphere relics; mantle plumes; continental spreading; dyke emplacement; Microbial alteration of oceanic crust; isotope geochemistry.

2007 Asthenosphere strength; ophiolites; supercontinents; Indian drift;.

2008 Pacific Plate; intermittent plate tectonics; delamination; seismic tomography North America; Tethys Ocean; Tibetan Plateau.

2009 Sheeted dykes; tectonic reconstructions; Rheic Ocean; Archaean hypsometry; continental insulation; asthenosphere; ocean island chains; Hadean continental crust; seismic tomography; USArray.

2010 Blueschists; Hawaiian plume; Archaean tectonics; Archaean impacts;  Rodinia; faunal rafting; ocean floor depth-age relationship; crustal sagging; Mediterranean tectonics; extensional detachments; plate-tectonic theory; continental lithosphere strength.

2011 Dating metamorphism; subducted continental crust; eclogite; tectonic bulges; future Atlantic subduction; mantle plumes; flood basalt genesis; diamonds and mantle evolution; mantle carbon cycle; Pan African.

2012 Continental growth; detrital zircon geochronology; Iapetus Ocean; brittle-ductile deformation; eclogites; Sunda Trench seismicity; real and apparent polar wandering.

2013 Terrane accretion; seismic tomography North America; Earthscope USArray; continental insulation; mantle strength; Afar Depression; Pan African.

2014 Water cycle and subduction; Basin and Range tectonics.

2015 Red Sea Rift volcanism; thick- and thin-skinned tectonics; mantle plumes; hot spots; seismic tomography.

2016 Plate tectonics start; future plate tectonics; Mediterranean tectonics.

2017 Drip tectonics; continent formation; Archaean continental growth; Hadean crust; Zealandia continent; subducted slab remnants; continental recycling; Hadean impacts and tectonics; lid tectonics.

2018 Initiation of subduction; sub-glacial hot-spot track Greenland

2019 Tectonics and glacial epochs; erosion and tectonics; metamorphism and tectonic evolution; modelling global plate forces.

2020 Earliest plate tectonics, evidence from ancient zircon grains. Palaeomagnetic evidence for Archaean plate motions. How metamorphism has changed since the Archaean, pressure-temperature ratio, mineral equilibria, thermobarometry, falling mantle temperature. Height of mountains, epeirogeny, isostasy, climate change. East African Rifts, submarine landslides, tsunami hazard. Kerguelen Plateau, Lower Cretaceous, oceanic large igneous province, Southeast Indian Ridge.

2021 Weak Archaean lithosphere delayed continent formation. Possible major Archaean impact structure. Start of supercontinent formation. Climate changes during Mesozoic and Cenozoic related to variations in global sea-floor spreading. Archaean nappe tectonics. New ideas on how subduction works.