Planetary Science

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2000 Geomagnetic reversals; inner core motions; near-Earth objects; Martian water; core formation; planetary accretion; Moon formation; Chandler Wobble.

2001 Detrital zircon dating; Mount Narryer; Hadean Earth; Martian atmosphere; Martian glaciers; Ganymede ice lavas; seismic tomography; whole-Earth convection, subducted slabs; mantle ‘blobs’; erosion on Mars.

2002 Interstellar carbonates; geomagnetic reversals; basaltic meteorites; Argentina impact; basaltic noble gases; Martian water; Late-Heavy Bombardment; North Sea impact; 3-D seismic survey; Archaean impacts; planetary differentiation; Hf-W chronometry; British impact; mantle water recycling; length of the day; mantle ‘avalanches’.

2003 Martian channels; Martian gas emission; Archaean impacts; chromium isotopes; core formation; potassium in the core; conversion of Emperor Constantine; Martian glaciers; Martian pingoes.

2004 Tungsten isotopes; core-mantle immiscibility; Earth accretion; Martian water; mantle processes; Sudbury impact; Moon-forming impact; uranium in the core; Martian mineralogy; mantle heterogeneity.

2005 Mars reviewed; tracking meteorite falls; core-mantle boundary; subducted BIFs; Martian mineralogy; Martian glaciers; geomagnetic reversals; Sudbury impact; Hadean Earth differentiation;  core modelling; Martian methane; Late-Heavy Bombardment; Verneshot hypothesis; THEMIS images of Mars; helium isotopes; mantle convection; Martian ocean.

2006 Detrital zircon chronology, hafnium isotopes; Jack Hills; future lunar exploration; geysers of Enceladus; continental roots; Acasta Gneiss; perovskite phase transition; ultralow-velocity zones; dunes of Titan; Earth accretion; core formation; Hadean continents; Pluto; magnetic pole stability.

2007 Early geomagnetic field; Earth-like planet; silicon in core; Hadean diamonds; K/T (K/Pg) impactor.

2008 Moon formation; Nd isotopes and Hadean; core-mantle boundary; mantle tomography; Mars penetrating radar; cryptic impacts; lunar water; Hadean crustal rocks; ultramafic lavas; Archaean geotherm.

2009 Core formation; radiative heat transfer; Martian sedimentary cycles; Moon formation; Late-Heavy Bombardment; mantle chemistry; Martian salt diapirs; mantle water origins.

2010 Atmosphere origin; Martian geological mapping; gamma-ray spectrometry; Mars Odyssey; lunar rock water; post-perovskite; inner core; Martian mineralogy; oldest mantle composition.

2011 Exoplanets; Kepler mission; lunar rock water; Mohorovičić discontinuity; Canadian lithosphere seismic section; geomagnetic superchrons; lunar South Pole-Aitken basin; Hayabusa asteroid dust; geoneutrinos; Mercury MESSENGER results; Jack Hills zircons revision.

2012 Lunar South Pole-Aitken basin; Valles Marineris, Mars; Sudbury impact; Gale Crater, Mars; Earth’s water origin; Martian clays; Moon formation; Zn isotopes; Hadean mantle heterogeneity; mantle tomography using ‘noise’; GRAIL satellites; lunar gravitational field and deep structure.

2013 Mercury MESSENGER results; Pacific mantle structure; early ‘heat-pipe’ tectonics; Saharan comet impact; early Martian crust; Mars magma ocean.

2014 Mars geochronology; mantle hydrous minerals; core-mantle boundary; early Archaean impacts; impact melt ejecta; giant-impact hypothesis; Martian exobiology theories; Mercury giant collisions; planned Moon colony; lunar tectonics.

2015 Conversion of St Paul; giant-impact hypothesis; origin geomagnetic field; Martian glacial features.

2016 Early Solar System evolution; geology of Pluto; W isotopes; Earth formation; magma ocean hypothesis; Earth-like planet; Lunar gravity; Orientale Basin.

2017 Earth accretion; Earth’s water.

2018 Martian ice cliffs; fibre optic cables and seismic tomography; complex hydrocarbons on Mars.

2019 Increased bombardment at end of Palaeozoic; Precambrian impact in Scotland; impact timing at Chicxulub; impact trigger for Ordovician glaciation; sugars in primitive meteorites; risks of death by meteorite.

2020 Presolar grains in carbonaceous chondrite meteorites, interstellar dust, contribution to Earth geochemistry. Active volcanism on Venus. Archaean atmospheric composition, evidence from micrometeorites in sedimentary rocks. Planet formation. Global Archaean ocean. Water in Earth’s core. Starting Snowball Earth conditions. Centenary of Milanković Theory. Multiple impacts repressed Archaean oxygen build-up. Origin of life, new developments.

2021 News from Chicxulub drilling project. How Mars lost its surface water. Early Martian history deduced from rare meteorite. Earth’s solid inner core began to form at the end of the Proterozoic Eon. Giant impacts may have triggered continental crust formation. Impact structure on the Tharsis bulge may have launched Martian meteorites towards Earth.