Planetary Science

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2000 Geomagnetic reversals; inner core motions; near-Earth objects; Martian water; core formation; planetary accretion; Moon formation; Chandler Wobble.

2001 Detrital zircon dating; Mount Narryer; Hadean Earth; Martian atmosphere; Martian glaciers; Ganymede ice lavas; seismic tomography; whole-Earth convection, subducted slabs; mantle ‘blobs’; erosion on Mars.

2002 Interstellar carbonates; geomagnetic reversals; basaltic meteorites; Argentina impact; basaltic noble gases; Martian water; Late-Heavy Bombardment; North Sea impact; 3-D seismic survey; Archaean impacts; planetary differentiation; Hf-W chronometry; British impact; mantle water recycling; length of the day; mantle ‘avalanches’.

2003 Martian channels; Martian gas emission; Archaean impacts; chromium isotopes; core formation; potassium in the core; conversion of Emperor Constantine; Martian glaciers; Martian pingoes.

2004 Tungsten isotopes; core-mantle immiscibility; Earth accretion; Martian water; mantle processes; Sudbury impact; Moon-forming impact; uranium in the core; Martian mineralogy; mantle heterogeneity.

2005 Mars reviewed; tracking meteorite falls; core-mantle boundary; subducted BIFs; Martian mineralogy; Martian glaciers; geomagnetic reversals; Sudbury impact; Hadean Earth differentiation;  core modelling; Martian methane; Late-Heavy Bombardment; Verneshot hypothesis; THEMIS images of Mars; helium isotopes; mantle convection; Martian ocean.

2006 Detrital zircon chronology, hafnium isotopes; Jack Hills; future lunar exploration; geysers of Enceladus; continental roots; Acasta Gneiss; perovskite phase transition; ultralow-velocity zones; dunes of Titan; Earth accretion; core formation; Hadean continents; Pluto; magnetic pole stability.

2007 Early geomagnetic field; Earth-like planet; silicon in core; Hadean diamonds; K/T (K/Pg) impactor.

2008 Moon formation; Nd isotopes and Hadean; core-mantle boundary; mantle tomography; Mars penetrating radar; cryptic impacts; lunar water; Hadean crustal rocks; ultramafic lavas; Archaean geotherm.

2009 Core formation; radiative heat transfer; Martian sedimentary cycles; Moon formation; Late-Heavy Bombardment; mantle chemistry; Martian salt diapirs; mantle water origins.

2010 Atmosphere origin; Martian geological mapping; gamma-ray spectrometry; Mars Odyssey; lunar rock water; post-perovskite; inner core; Martian mineralogy; oldest mantle composition.

2011 Exoplanets; Kepler mission; lunar rock water; Mohorovičić discontinuity; Canadian lithosphere seismic section; geomagnetic superchrons; lunar South Pole-Aitken basin; Hayabusa asteroid dust; geoneutrinos; Mercury MESSENGER results; Jack Hills zircons revision.

2012 Lunar South Pole-Aitken basin; Valles Marineris, Mars; Sudbury impact; Gale Crater, Mars; Earth’s water origin; Martian clays; Moon formation; Zn isotopes; Hadean mantle heterogeneity; mantle tomography using ‘noise’; GRAIL satellites; lunar gravitational field and deep structure.

2013 Mercury MESSENGER results; Pacific mantle structure; early ‘heat-pipe’ tectonics; Saharan comet impact; early Martian crust; Mars magma ocean.

2014 Mars geochronology; mantle hydrous minerals; core-mantle boundary; early Archaean impacts; impact melt ejecta; giant-impact hypothesis; Martian exobiology theories; Mercury giant collisions; planned Moon colony; lunar tectonics.

2015 Conversion of St Paul; giant-impact hypothesis; origin geomagnetic field; Martian glacial features.

2016 Early Solar System evolution; geology of Pluto; W isotopes; Earth formation; magma ocean hypothesis; Earth-like planet; Lunar gravity; Orientale Basin.

2017 Earth accretion; Earth’s water.

2018 Martian ice cliffs; fibre optic cables and seismic tomography; complex hydrocarbons on Mars.

2019 Increased bombardment at end of Palaeozoic; Precambrian impact in Scotland; impact timing at Chicxulub; impact trigger for Ordovician glaciation; sugars in primitive meteorites; risks of death by meteorite.