Astronauts’ snaps

When directing The Greatest Story Ever Told George Stevens was unimpressed by John Wayne’s delivery of his only line at the very end of the film.  Stevens said, “You have to deliver with a little more awe, John”.  And so we have one of the great conclusions in cinema history, “Aw, he truly was…..”.  Astronauts have had a fair number of those “Aw” moments, and thankfully, most have them have carried cameras.  They captured a great many views of odd and awesome phenomena and features of the Earth as they passed over. There are a great many (around 400 thousand), and NASA has compiled the best views of Earth’s surface on its new site at  I put in “faults” to see what came up; there were 184 images from every continent.  Downloads are in two sizes, 300 kb and 13 Mb, so the images are of very high quality.   The entire archive is searchable at

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