Volcano Webcams

CCTV not only infests every street, trunk road and office block, but is beginning to be trained on volcanoes.  The US Geological Survey maintains a web site that links to more than 40 Webcams pointed at active volcanoes, including St Helen’s, Fuji, Ruapehu and Etna (vulcan.wr.usgs.gov/Photo/volcano_cams.html).  So, volcanologists, make sure your sensors, hard hats and reflective suits are packed, ready to go.  You can keep an eye out for your volcano starting to blow, even as you are eating your Rice Crispies!

United States geological database

As well as organising its geographic information, including topographic maps and digital elevation data, into a seamless browseable whole (Brown, K, 2002.  Mapping the future.  Science, v. 298, p. 1874-1875), the US Geological Survey has launched a national geological database from which anyone can download a vast amount of information in 100 categories (geode.usgs.gov).

Landsat images as art

A new web site at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center landsat.gsfc.nasa.gove/earthasart enables you to view, download and order some of the most dramatic and aesthetically pleasing images captured by the Landsat programme.

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